JNS – Miasma (Closet Yi Remix) [Honey Badger Records]

[HBRRMX02] JNS - Miasma Remix
Back in October 2020, South-Korean-based Honey Badger Records founder, JNS, released his debut album, “Miasma”. The album’s dark, cavernous techno and glitchy drum’n’bass textures felt in lock-and-step with the overwhelmingly bleak and unpredictable mood of last year. JNS channeled these feelings of anxiety and uncertainty into an album that pummels headstrong into these emotions, embracing rather than fleeing their all-encompassing dread.

For this new release, JNS has recruited his label-mates to remix four tracks off the album. Opening track, “Miasma”, goes to upstart producer Closet Yi, who takes the decaying, anxiety-laden pulse of the original and turns it into a hi-definition blockbuster of a track. Despite putting on some polish, the track retains much of its corrosive, highly volatile energy, as the central drum’n’bass refrain and synth washes are largely there intact. Yi expertly deploys the acid-squiggles JNS concocted right at the start of the track, to immediately establish that alien, post-apocalyptic vibe.

Yi’s remix betrays a clear admiration for the original. Rather than uprooting its foundation, she takes elements already there and amplifies them to dizzying, intoxicating effect. By the time the track reaches its apex and then devolves into a jerky, drum’n’bass stomper, you’ll be left reeling from the virtuosity on display.