Trinidadiandeep – Love Song [Anma Records]

“Soundtrack to a Setting” is the sixth release on ANMA Records, an independent label based in London. The label promotes, soulful, organic, melodic deep house and tribal-style percussion. ANMA is home to a very select handful of artists such as SofaTalk, Nasty Boy, and the featured artist Trinidadiandeep, who in this EP shares a side of wax with the young gun Will Lister. Trinidadiandeep, who with a mentorship from none other than Ron Trent, has created a signature sound with a foundation of soul, jazz and the music of his native lands of Trinidad and Tobago. Known locally as “Trini”, he is constantly putting out fresh and inventive records, making him a constant influencer in the genre.Our premiere track, the second track on the EP, aptly titled “Love Song” is a groove-laden track that blurs the lines between soul and deep house. Each component of this songs recipe is seamlessly and carefully introduced, which all work in harmony to create this sweet and savory dish of soulful deep house. An Afro-latin esque percussion track that draws the listener in, soft dreamlike pads that soar over the drums, topped with a nostalgic piano riff that crescendos into a full fletched solo. All the while riding along on that signature Trinidadiandeep swing.[soundcloud url=”” /]

The two artists on the Soundtrack to a Setting EP are the perfect advocates of ANMA’s ability to curate a selection of meaningful and complementary artists. Despite the contrasting styles of Trinidadiandeep and Will Lister, taken as a whole, the album seamlessly transitions between Trinidadiandeep’s soul-influenced house, and Lister’s jazz-inspired house. The tempo choices on this EP add an additional sense of diversity to the album, as opposed to it being a collection of 120 – 125 BPM grooves forced together. Lister has the gift of being able to mix provocatively flowing tracks, whispering and subtly retracting as the track breaks down and polyrhythmically pumping as the song builds up again. Trinidadiandeep on the other handcrafts his songs from the ground up, layer by layer, adding unique components at precise and meticulous times.As stated by Trini in his social media bio, “This is not yah mothers house I don’t play KAKA”. That statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to this release. A massive achievement for both artists, that’s sure to be playing throughout clubs internationally. Out on 15 may, pre order now on bandcamp.