Contours & Yadava – Start First Finish Last [ANMA Records & Flumo Recordings]

Flumo and ANMA Records join forces once again – this time for a collaborative project between UK based Contours and Yadava. Cosmic Echoes was built over numerous jam sessions fusing live percussion, bass, drum machine, synthesizers and field recordings to create a raw EP full of soul and warmth.

‘Start First Finish Last’ opens up with smooth keys and alluring bass solo. The drum and percussion interplay keeps the up beat rhythm flowing, allowing for the bass to enhance on a Balearic and laid-back dance groove. ‘
‘Udu’ takes the vibe on a more beat-driven road, with interlocking Kit and Udu patterns, floating keys and rolling synth arpeggios cutting in and out of the groove. ‘Speaking Through Broken Shells’, gets back on the bass and drum heavy interaction, with lots of influences from UK jazz scene.

The B-side starts off with a more familiar house groove. ‘Low Slung’, is a nod to the eyes down moments on the dance floor, with raw hats and shakers swirling around synth swells and heavy synth bass for introspective bliss.
‘Cascades’ swaps over to an atmospheric soundscapes, with plenty of stereo play and rich sound quality, making it easy to get lost in a jungle of flutes, keys and rain-line percussion notes.

NIAN’s remix of Cascades, takes the atmosphere up a beat and subs the rolling bass with broken beat rhythm, while Skygaze remix, of the same track, adds liquidity and reshapes the atmospheric sound into a more dance floor orienting mix.


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