Contours – Returning [ANMA Records]

contours - anma recordsContours, a UK based DJ and producer, known for bubbling dance rhythms and undertone melodies focuses on a wide range of organic percussion on this new Anma Records, 4 track EP.

A1 opens up with its most prominent instrument, the balafon, creating a hypnotic vibe in which keys and broken beat intertwine creating a swinging rhythm. The second track, Batterie, slows down the groove and allows plenty of space for the keys to lay over the depth of bass-heavy drum pattern.

The flip side of the record pitches up the tempo and sees layers of Latin infused rhythms mix with London scene defining broken beat riffs, synths and melodies. The record finishes up with a remix from one of the London underground scene’s key contemporary figures, K15, adding a darker tone to the flow of the track while upping the dancefloor energy of the groove.