UNSIGNED 005: Tooli – Second Time Around (Sunrise Mix)

The unsigned series continues with the fifth instalment of producers we dig that are looking to find a home for their music.

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/unsigned-tooli-second-time-around-sunrise-mix” /]
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Hello there, I’m Tobias. For the past 7 years I’ve been working with a bunch of labels, probably  most known is Local Talk and since 2014 Omena – a label that managed to release a single sided 12″ with a disco loop as it’s first release. I  also from time to time enjoy playing music in various establishments but  these days I try to spend a bit more time in a studio finishing tracks  that might end up on a label or remixing a track that won’t be refused.  I do a few other things to but since this is music related you’re more than welcome to email me and I can talk about that in private.So, this track I decided to send to Bolting Bits is something I did a  while back. It started out as a remix but sometimes things do happen  when you work on tracks and the end result is quite far from what you  had in mind first. There’s not one single note, sound or sample from the  original I was going to remix, nor did it sound like it either. When I make music there’s never a specific theme or genre I decide I  want to work with, I just start off by playing around with a synth and  add a few things as I go along. Yes there’s producers and groups I  admire but I never intend to sound like them or make a track like them. For this track I decided to make a very basic beat, played a few notes  that ended up being the bass line and added two chords. Then I found a  sound called “Flute” while browsing lead sounds – I knew I had to pick  that. The rest is added as I was playing and the only sample used is  some birds and background noise from a walk I did to the studio. That is pretty much the track.