Takadoum – Retrain As A Goose [barbecue]

BBQ - 5 Yeeeaaarrrsss - Artworkjpg
For its fifth anniversary, the French label barbecue is releasing a compilation of unreleased tracks by artists who have marked the label in recent years and takes the opportunity to present their new recruits.Originally created for Blutch with vinyl releases including remixes by legendary artists such as Terrence Parker, the label has gone digital, revealing young artists like DJ Streaks and his hit tracks “The Best Rapper Alive” and “Greatest Love”. For these five years the label keeps its artistic line, namely, release the ideal soundtrack for a barbecue, a house music agreeing to get lost in the different branches of the style.

Barbecue takes advantage of this compilation to present alongside Blutch, DJ Nervous, Jamaimoi and Jan Janssen the new heads who will take over the next release of the label. Simon Loucas from Adelaide, the Parisian Takadoum and Stay Jaya & Scatter from the Peckham district of London, present the best that deep house has to offer. Blutch for whom everything started, finish the compilation with the title “Un Amour Inconditionnel”, the best song released on the label to date but was until now only available in vinyl. The best of yesterday and tomorrow!


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