Biodive – Plane Of The Ecliptic [Coymix Ltd]

COY001A - biodive

Coymix Ltd., a new Estonian/Finnish label from Steffan Todorović (one of the minds behind Gestalt records) and Timo Rotonen (founder at Echocentric Records) has launched its maiden journey with a release from South African producer Terrence Pearce, aka Biodive. Here he rolls out a complex but direct 4-track journey of synth-buoyant and euphoric blissful mania.

Most of these tracks were originally planned for release on Gestalt Records, but after a bit of self-deliberation, Steffan figured it’d be best to start a brand new label to house the project. Having already been close with Timo, the two often helping each other with their respective labels, Steffan passed him the tracks and the two decided it’d be a good idea to launch Coymix Ltd. together. It’s no secret that the type of cosmic, pumping deep house that Biodive has delivered is trending right now, and for good reason. The music is of superb quality and emotion, and you’d be missing out not to grab this for the bag (or stick) before it sells out.

Plane of the Ecliptic leads the release with its big festival stage sound, first capturing attention with beautiful melancholic chords before introducing a pulsing subaqueous bassline that slinks over an otherwise calming ambient soundscape. The energy is serene but powerful, and I can already imagine massive crowds collectively losing their minds to this at the grand summer festival stages. The tune is never too busy, and Biodive does a great job building tension and releasing energy in an arrangement that really works to guide the listener through different states of feeling.

After more than a year in the works, the project is set to release on both vinyl and digital formats on July 1, 2020. Support the label and grab the excellent debut project.

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