DJ Spinna – Tie It Up (Crackazat Rework) [Local Talk]

crackazat rework - local talk album
We are excited for today’s premiere, coming from Crackazat, the British producer who is based in Sweden. He enchants us with his magical jazzy house sound on his new release ‘Magic Touch’. The album includes eight reworked tracks from the Swedish house label ‘Local Talk‘.

Real name Ben Jacobs, Crackazat is known for a groovy jazz-house fusion sound. Through his early influences of jazz, he developed his sensual feelings for rhythm and swing. This impact quickly gave him the motivation to pick up a guitar and bass to start producing all kinds of music on his own, whether it be in the style of hip hop, jazz or funk. His debut, the release of the synth-funk and downtempo “Explanation” EP in 2012 and then shortly after, the release of a dive into club music named “Tunnel” EP, attracted the attention of DJs all over the world and were global breakthroughs. His relocation in the same year to the Swedish city of Uppsala allowed him to connect with the Swedish house label ‘Local Talk’ on which he is now releasing the ‘Magic Touch’ album.

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The album includes soulful reworks of names like ‘HNNY’, ‘Terrence Parker’, and ‘DJ Spinna’s’ track ‘Tie It Up’ which is also our Bolting Bits premiere today. A flicking snare on an easy beat with equal light claps, followed by a groovy synth-chord combine to form a super light and joyful mood. This full-time groover is the second track on the oh so soulful and jazzy ‘Local Talk’ rework album and it awoke a high interest in us to continue listening to the whole album, which is incidentally a very nice piece of music.

The Bolting Bits team can highly recommend getting a copy of the ‘Magic Touch’ album and we’re proud to present Crackazat’s new release. We are also glad to support him on his way and are going to be excited to listen to more of Jakob’s inspiring jazz fusion sound in the future. In the meantime, be sure to grab your record or digital release.

Felix Z.