galcher lustwerk

Brooklyn’s Galcher Lustwerk has been in the spotlight ever since his 100% Galcher mixtape for Blowing Up The Workshop in 2013. Fast forward two years to June 2015 and most of the tracks heard in that mix received a formal release as the two inaugural EPs on Galcher’s new label, Lustwerk Music. For the label’s third release, Galcher Lustwerk teamed up with White Material cohort Alvin Aronson as Studio OST. The pair’s aptly titled debut comes in the form of collaborations from 2012 to 2015 in various studios around New York.

You won’t find Lustwerk’s signature vocals here, but his hazy chords and loose rhythms find a perfect compliment in Aronson’s droney atmospheres. It’s unlikely that the album was initially crafted to be one cohesive piece. It does, however, have an almost surprising continuity about it considering that these are seemingly unsystematic collaborations between the duo recorded over a three year long period.

Both Galcher and Alvin’s fingerprints are all over the record, with certain tracks having more of one producer’s influence over the other. “ITCZ” and “Above The Waves” sound like they could have seamlessly been integrated into Aronson’s White Material release. Galcher’s playfulness, however, is still heard in some of the rhythms and particularly in the form of some jazzy keys on the latter. “Bent Light”, “Unnatural City” and “Session” have that undeniable Lustwerk pulse, yet Aronson still makes his presence felt through some gloomy tones and unconventional percussion choices. Other tracks on the album are harder to pick apart, likely due to a comfort level reached by the two in the studio.

Whether listened to in one sitting or picked apart for its singles, Studio OST’s Scenes (2012-2015) will catch the ear of any avid listener. Available digitally via Bandcamp. Vinyl to follow on juno.