Channel Tres – Top Down [Godmode]

godmode - channel tres
LA-based music company, Godmode, is known for taking way-left artists and bringing them slightly more to the center.  After breaking Shamir and Yaeji, the label is back with their latest signing, Channel Tres. Channel grew up in the Compton neighborhood of Los Angeles, and his music is a clear representation of the surly attitude of West Coast rap reimagined with the stylings of Detroit house. Fans of Galcher Lustwerk would be wise to check out this project. Similar to the NYC legend, Channel’s voice is effortlessly deep, expertly processed, and a perfect compliment to his deep, sultry instrumentals.

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“Top Down” oozes swagger. While a Paranoid London-esque acid bassline rips through ethereal pads, Channel croons, “bet you ain’t never heard shit like this from the block before.” He’s not completely wrong. While he’s not the first to champion a sound like this, he certainly has few modern peers. Aside from how dope the song is, I really appreciate the emphasis he places on individuality as an artist. He says, “never let the scene choose you. Never met a man this cool.” For me, it’s essential for a musician to be original, to believe in the uniqueness of their music, and to not conform to the standards set by a saturated scene. Going forward, I hope Channel sticks to his words. It’s not everyday you hear a debut this polished and full of a variety of influences. I’ll be waiting to hear these tunes at my NYC after-hours, but until then, I’m about to cut the top off my Saturn and slow-ride through Brooklyn. Here’s your invite.Channel Tres’ self-titled debut is out now. Grab it here, you won’t be sorry.