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Galcher Lustwerk (soundcloud) is a name that rings loud in dance music circles. The producer and DJ burst onto the scene with 2013’s 100% Galcher mix for mixtape site Blowing Up The Workshop which featured some of the artist’s tracks and stems. Combining hazy raps with hypnotic deep-house beats, Lustwerk has paved the way for a myriad of artists today, some of whom can be heard on his label, Lustwerk Music. Dark Bliss, his most recent project was released on White Material this past September. It builds on his previous records with the lush ambience of “Catamaran,” the funky bass line in “What U Want Me To Do,” and the trippy beat of “I’m The Coolest Driver High,” and as always, the hallmark soft-spoken vocals tie the album together. Under his Road Hog alias – having most recently released Haul Ass – Lustwerk explores atmospheric driving music that navigates the grey area between ambient and deep-house, while the collaboration with Alvin Aronson as Studio OST has resulted in some heavier dance numbers.We spoke with Galcher Lustwerk ahead of his set at the Newspeak party about his hometown, label, and influence on other artists.


You are originally from Cleveland but are now based in New York. What influence has Cleveland had on your music?
GL: It’s where I’m from and I’m very proud of that. It’s a fine city, but there isn’t very much youth culture or arts culture compared to other cities, so if you’re interested in that type of thing like I was – you had to pursue it at all costs and do a lot of things alone or in a cultural vacuum – so id like to think it made me more creative because there weren’t many locals or scenes to look up to – you have to start from zero if you want to make something out of your creativity there.

Lustwerk Music has mostly released your own music either as Galcher Lustwerk or Studio OST, however you have also put out records by other artists, like Quavius’ self-titled record last year. Would you like to expand this roster going forward?
GL: Yes, but I’m not in a huge rush. There are some more people I’m talking with about releasing a record but I don’t want to rush them, either.

You released Dark Bliss in September on White Material and an EP with Alvin Aronson as Studio OST on your own label in March. What do you have in the works?
GL: I would like to put out a lot more music in 2018 and I’m praying the logistics won’t cause as many delays as there have been.

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There seems to be reinterpretation of the ghetto-house sound over the last few years with artists such as yourself, Yaeji, Baltra and Fit of Body putting their own spin on a combination of stripped back beats and spoken vocals. How do you see your role in what could be called a ghetto-house revival?
GL: Hmmm, I don’t think I make ghetto house.  I want my music to feel luxurious. To think that journalists are calling what I make “ghetto” ,  is problematic to me. Do these other artists appear “ghetto” to people? Is that really their perspective? But yes I believe I may have set some sort of trend and now people in other music spheres are making similar music, I have noticed that. I will keep moving forward with whatever i want to do, I’m not concerned about reviving anything.

We obviously know you primarily through your releases and DJ sets, but what else inspires you outside of music?
GL: Driving, going for walks, film, cartoons, hedonism, rooms with a view


You’re playing the Newspeak party in Montreal this Saturday. Are there any specific tracks you’re looking forward to playing? What’s been working for you lately?
GL: I’d like to play some of my own unreleased stuff that I’ve been working on the past year, just to hear how it sounds in a club.
What’s been working for me – depends on the situation, but I got tracks for pretty much any situation so let’s do this!

Tell us something we don’t know about Galcher Lustwerk.
GL: I’m allergic!

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