Sable Blanc – Limo & Theatre [Salin Records]


Sable Blanc is releasing his debut full-length album, “Homecoming”, on Salin Records, also a first for the label itself. Originally slated to be an EP of tracks corresponding to memories of a recent trip to New York, the idea grew into a full-fledged LP as work began. “Homecoming” alludes to returning to New York, a place where the producer spent several years living and forming memories in his teens. Inspired by the colours, energy and peace of the city, Sable Blanc also chose photos taken by his friend that inspired each of the tracks on the album. Salin’s very own Daria Salin then took the photos, developed them as cyanotype (an analogue development technique, same as on the album cover itself) and created a booklet, a special additional feature to the album.

Musically, the album shows a developing maturity in Sable Blanc’s work. Expanding his range to a variety of styles and incorporating new techniques from various genres, the album really is meant to be taken in as one whole listening experience. Today however, we’re premiering just one track off the album, Limo & Theatre. Teaming up with trumpet player Reuben Lewis (you may have heard some of his work via Loure’s output or Australia’s 30/70 collective), together they deliver a laid-back, jazzy tune meant to be taken in within a relaxing environment. Nestled among the crispy drums and alluring trumpets are some breezy and carefree keys that really help to transport your mind on a journey. We can see this one being taken in with headphones, sitting in a high-rise while watching the life on busy streets of New York buzz by down below.

Limo & Theatre isn’t the only superb track on the album. There are influences ranging from drum and bass to ambient on the record so be sure to grab your copy and sit down with a copy of the photo pamphlet and take it all in as it’s meant to be. The release date is on the 27th of September and you can reserve your copy here.