PREMIERE: Roman Rauch – Eu4ia

vicario musique - straight from wherehouse vol.2

Vicario Musique is a Tijuana-based record label curated by Soul of Hex aka Sébastien Vorhaus. Originally started in 2011 as a digital label, Vicario Musique made a successful transition into the vinyl world in 2015 with “Straight From The Wherehouse Vol.1”, featuring standout tracks from Gerardo himself in collaboration with Cromie and 4004, as well as Frits Wentink, Nachtbraker and Urulu. The follow-up release, “Straight From The Wherehouse Vol.2”, will be the second vinyl-only release from the label and will feature Moony Me, Roman Rauch, NY*AK and Mark Hand in addition to the label boss himself as Soul of Hex. These cuts are dedicated to the Tijuana dance club “Wherehouse” an after hours venue inspired on the original Warehouse of Chicago and Paradise Garage which showcases local and international talent, and already helded a Boiler Room session.

This leads us to today’s new addition in the Bolting Bits premiere series, with one of the tracks from the aforementioned EP. Roman Rauch’s “Eu4ia” is a fine specimen of sample-based house music. An MPC jam at its core, this tune has all of the elements required to keep feet moving on the dancefloor. Stuttering hi-hats and a sophisticated drum loop paired with a simple yet groovy bassline form the butt-wiggling nucleus of the song. Upbeat and twirly keyboard samples cycle over some indiscernible vocals with regular rhodes stabs before making way for a thin string line and atmospheric chords, all the while maintaining the same ‘eu4ic’ vibe.

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Release date 16.09.16.