Abdul Raeva – Neon Raver [Dance All Day Records]

abdul raeva - dance all day
Dance All Day Records is a U.S. label located in the lush forestry of the Pacific Northwest showcasing eclectic electronic music of all varieties from around the world.

The label’s long-awaited sixth release, due to drop on May 15, comes from Estonian duo Abdul Raeva, a production team consisting of artists Rashida Prime and 1309ESO.The duo has previously released projects with Neptune Discs and Gestalt Records, and are quickly developing a sound rooted in lush, driving deep house.

The Heart to Heart EP is Abdul Raeva’s strongest and most cohesive release yet, a sign of growth and a bright future for the young duo. The music is captivating from the jump. Each of the three tracks is brimming with emotion. In its entirety, the project feels rich, heavy, and full of dub techno-influenced motifs. As “good” tech-house makes a resurgence, its style and pace has trickled into the deep house scene, and there seems to be a ton of pacey (thanks for the term Harrison) driving jams being created by artists from all corners of the globe.

It’s refreshing to hear this type of sound being championed by a U.S. label in a scene more dominated by Midwest influenced house and techno. And don’t take that as a knock on the genre, okay? I love that shit. I just love this shit too and don’t hear it as often.

Anyways, let’s get to the ACTUAL premier. Leading the B-side is the trance-inducing bomb Neon Raver. I’m getting everything I want from this track. The swing. That goddamn bassline. Those PADS, BRO. Somebody smack me in the face cause I’m zonin’ outttt man! WHAT YEAR IS IT, FAM!?

When the world re-opens, this tune is going to do serious damage to the club. It progresses so nicely towards an amazing moment at 3:31 where the slightest synth melody takes me straight into the astral plane. The original also gets a bouncier, more celestial remix from up-and-coming Melbourne based DJ & producer, DJ Life.

Abdul Raeva’s Heart To Heart EP drops on May 15th via Dance All Day’s Bandcamp. Do yourself a huge favor and grab this one. OKURRRRR.



Ryan C.