Dan Only – It’s Inside You [Dirt Crew Recordings]

Dan Only returns for his third release on Dirt Crew Recordings with his “Deciduous Dubs EP”. This release sees the Toronto-native continuing to explore new musical territories, leaving behind the past to rebuilt his framework from scratch. Armed with Akai Samplers, 90s Romplers and some tried and true Roland classics, Dan explores sounds informed by Dubstep, Hardcore, House and Techno.

The release opens with “Gateway Shuffle”. The half-time drums and breakbeats harken back to early dubstep and reinforce the ghostly harmonies that glide throughout. Warping basses, deep subs and distant voices welcome you into this sonic world.

“Terraforming” gives you hope in the unknown. The digital pads wash in as the meandering melodies invite you to take a leap of faith out into the open. A deep sub emerges amongst familiar four-on-the-floor kick patterns, providing the foundation needed to lose yourself to the groove. By the end, you’ll be dancing across new ground in a trance-like state.

“It’s Inside You” gets to the root of it all. Stripped back and ever-evolving, the bouncing bass-line and shapeshifting landscape contort around you as this techno groover pummels forward. This one is heady and contemplative, inviting a sense of self-discovery on the dance floor.

We end our trip with “Macrodose”. Diving through twisting basses and breakbeat science, you’re taken deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole, much farther than you anticipated. There’s a stark contrast between the reality you once knew and the one you are now in. If you can push through the peak, you’ll be welcomed by a euphoric afterglow and renewed sense of clarity.


the text has been provided by the label.