Regularfantasy – Plushied (Plush Managements Mix) [Pear]

Livy Lou sure does know what to do. The Vancouver stalwart and moody breaks master has consistently made this whole thing look and sound easy with releases on Total Stasis, Heart To Heart, and most recently her and Void Mirror’s stellar Ciao, Gemini Month release thru Vancouver institution Mood Hut. Lou a.k.a. Regularfantasy isn’t done just yet though. Teaming up with Dublin party and label Pear for her latest offering, Regularfantasy’s Anyways… is a concise yet effective collection of highly pleasurable, expertly emotional breakbeat house cuts that’s a joy to behold. Bolting Bits is pleased to premiere “Plushied (Plush Managements Mix);” a layered lush cut produced in collaboration with fellow Vancouver luminary D. Tiffany.
Regularfantasy tracks frequently exist within a skillful executed emotional malaise but that doesn’t mean Lou’s productions don’t fall firmly on the floor. Opener “Party Girl Theme” insists upon motion; combining a subtle jack twitch with dog bark reminiscent hand claps, cool piano chords, and a squelching synth line that rises and falls with improvisational humanity. By the time the infectiously staccato piano stabs enter the scene, “Party Girl Theme” earns its title with ease. A pleasantly uplifting bit of homemade house that manages to be energizing without being artificial.

On Anyways… Lou manages to infuse the best slivers of indie world emotional aura and dream pop sensuality into an otherwise true-to-form breakbeat production. “MSN,” produced by D. Futers, adds an extremely satisfying vibraphone-esque synth line and some off in the distance female spoken word vocals to an atmospheric take on classic format breakbeat to great effect. The D. Tiffany collaboration “Plushied (Plush Managements Mix)” feels lived in and cozy like a pillow fort. Yet another serotonin tickling stuttering synth line makes way for an extended vocal layered outro reminiscent to the best moments of bands like Mr. Twin Sister all within an undeniably house framework. Effortless and evocative, Anyways… finds Lou firmly in the pocket for all to hear. Pre-order now.

Nick Boyd