regularfantasy – Baby’s First Track (Zozi’s Late Night Mixdown) [Heart to Heart]

It’s no secret we’re big fans of Heart to Heart (being one of Canada’s only vinyl-focused labels is a quick way to get in our good books), and today we get to double down on the feels as H2H011 comes to us with an entirely Canadian lineup. “Tales From Plush Palace” is a nostalgia-soaked vinyl debut by Vancouverite regularfantasy that comes with three originals and a speedy remix from the never only so-so Zozi (aka the always a-plus D Tiffany).

After a brief intro of crunchy drums, a classic chord progression offers a trip down memory lane and goes onto become a reliable foundation for the rest of the track. Lush synth hits, warm pads, and the “not quite a trumpet but definitely a trumpet” you’ll surely recognize from decades of house past, make up the family of vintage sounds that work together to build the track. A loose arrangement keeps things exciting while giving the vibe that the production was the result of intuitive jamming versus formulaic sequencing — a welcome feeling given how so many music making tools lend themselves so readily to the latter. And while it can be risky to dip so deeply into the past, everything here is fresh enough for guilt-free enjoyment.

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On the remix, fellow Vancouver house-head DJ ZOZI speeds things up and flips the track from a casual afternoon in the sun to a night so late it has to be almost sunrise. Aptly named the late night mix, the quicker arrangement and added sounds make for a robust DJ tool that would sit comfortably in the “I don’t want to know what time it is” section of your crate.

The B-side keeps things chill with “It’s Softer Than It Looks Scotty Jam” and “House Interlude 2 (Island Mix)”. Both tracks serve as a soothing come down to the raucous mood of the A-side and give the EP a subtle depth beyond the dancefloor. Tales From Plush Palace is out May 17th on vinyl, pre-order it here.