Roza Terenzi – Weakest Link (D. Tiffany Remix) [Voyage Recordings]

roza terenzi - voyage recordings

Melbourne’s prolific electronic music scene recruited another valuable member last year, when Perth-born producer Katie Campbell, or Roza Terenzi, joined what has become a popular migration of budding West Australian musicians moving to the east coast.

Roza told us that about two years ago she felt she’d progressed enough musically to warrant an identity shift, taking the solid reputation she’d built with her first moniker Catlips into her Roza Terenzi alter ego.

And it looks like it’s paying off. She’s been making big waves around Australia – at least big enough to induce international demand that will see her set off on her first North America and European tour later this year. These waves have come in the form of some impressive gigs and records, like her debut live set at the carefully curated Inner Varnika festival near Melbourne last weekend. And on the record front, she’s about to drop arguably her biggest record to date: a four-track EP on Voyage Recordings.

“I was in the zone of listening to lots of experimental and trancey stuff,” Katie told us, explaining the creative origins of the upcoming record.

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Our premiere is the remix from Vancouver’s own, D. Tiffany, AKA DJ Zozi. At least for the sake of the EP’s musical unity and cohesion, D. Tiffany was a wise choice for a Roza remix, with plenty of stylistic similarities between the two. In fact, their cross-continental synergy recently saw the completion of their collaborative EP on Vancouver label Planet Euphorique, set for release on April 30. So it’s no surprise this remix slots in quite seamlessly next to the three originals.

Perhaps the most texturally diverse track on Voyage’s 11th record, it seems D. Tiffany left no musical stone unturned when compiling and shaping the sounds for this remix. The track is a fast-paced, bouncy number that probably sits somewhere under the ever-expanding generic umbrella of house music. But a description left there would deny deserved mention of the track’s uniqueness: Its old-school tempo and energy is built up with new-school sounds, that together create a rapid and choppy yet pleasantly fluent five-and-a-half minutes of listening.

The rest of the EP is also, as Katie put it, quite experimental. Lilli’s Lounge is a parabolic journey of ethereal pads at the start and finish, bridged together by a wild monotonous acid line and Roza’s trademark glitchy percussion in the middle. You can already pre-order your copy here.

roza terenzi - voyage recordings

Weakest Link, the record’s title track, is stapled by a driving breakbeat surrounded by short, sharp percussive samples – some of which sound more like yelping chopped vocals – that rapidly jump in and out of the beat. Like Lilli’s Lounge, these contrast with sections of softer melodic elements to create quite a rich musical narrative.

Seminyak Dream begins and ends with beautifully spacey drips and blips that sandwich a heavy house rhythm and bassline. The track reaches its emotional crescendo toward the end with the introduction of a long, two-chord, looped pad to bring the track to a satisfying end.

Set for release on April 27, this EP is one of several upcoming Roza Terenzi releases, but one that we’re particularly excited about. If you want to catch some more of her music, keep an ear out for her releases on Amsterdam’s Kalahari Oyster Cult (due for release this week), Planet Euphorique and Melbourne’s Salt Mines.