Baraka – Psycho (Roza Terenzi Remix)

Baraka returns with a fresh Rock infused EP named Psycho. Six new songs blending big beat, drum’n bass and trance with their touch of madness. A powerful piece shaped for the live with a nameless energy from start to finish. Psycho dives the duo into a new sonic and visual universe in which they reveal their alter egos. A more sharpened and distorted sound that would transform a concert hall into a dance floor or build up a club’s energy to the level of a punk show.

The first single going by the same name is supported by a remix from acclaimed dj and producer Roza Terenzi. A way for the duo to push the boundaries of their music and give it a real club aspect, trademark of the band. The full EP is set to be released on September 19th with a release party at La Station Gare des Mines in Paris that same day. The duo will perform their new music for the first time, surrounded by prestigious guests.


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