Baraka – Feel Nice

Baraka has always been synonymous with “lucky star”. And it is true that you can find some of that in this duo. In 2020, as the world prepared to go into lockdown, Cristofeu (DJ and producer) and sa+ga (DJ, singer, poet, author) got together to compose a series of tracks featuring poetic vocals, acid sounds and synthetic layers. You can feel the influence of trance, trip-hop, drum’n’bass and artists such as Prodigy, Massive Attack, and even Björk.

But it is on stage that Baraka’s music really comes into its own. Capable of transforming a concert hall into a dancefloor or building up a club’s energy to the level of a punk show, the duo electrifies every venue they play at: from the Berghain/Panorama Bar (Berlin) to the Trabendo (Paris), from Positive Education festival (Saint-Étienne) to Boiler Room. At this rate, the duo’s lucky star is unlikely to fade away any time soon.

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