Reformed Society – Adrenaline Rush [Basic Moves]

Reformed Society joins the roster of Brussel’s, Belgium’s Basic Moves this June with a 2×12’’ EP, comprising six original compositions from the New Delhi born now Barcelona based artist.

After developing a friendship and sharing music in recent years, Basic Moves boss Walrus welcomes Indian artist Harsh Puri onto the imprint for a special double pack vinyl release. The material was gradually reduced down to the six compositions that make up BM19 after received over a hundred demo tracks from Harsh the past few years. Much of the release is inspired by UK tech house of the late nineties and the turn of the millennium and embraces a heads down, dance floor focused aesthetic throughout.

Opening the release is ‘Constant State Of Hustle’, perfectly setting the tone with an amalgamation of bubbling synthesizer tones, a choppy bass groove, sporadic pads and a heavily swung drum groove. ‘Touch’ then shifts focus over to fluttering stab sequences, bright chords, airy strings and a crunchy rhythm section before ‘Hammer The Keys’ embraces the core essence of the early Tech House sound, fusing organic percussion with multilayered machine funk melodies, all infused with an underlying acid feel.

Next up is ‘Hug Pit’ which dives into deep realms via ethereal, cinematic pad textures, wandering resonant synth lines and shuffled drums. The aptly named ‘Adrenaline Rush’ follows next, picking up the pace again courtesy of a gnarly bass melody, squelchy synth tones and a robust drum machine workout. ‘Dream Shuttle’ then rounds out the release, employing hazy atmospheric textures and a bumpy bass groove alongside dynamic, crisp drums.


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