Child Of The Waves – In Outer Space [Basic Moves]

child of the waves - basic moves

Taking his place in the great Swiss electronic tradition – peopled by the likes of Carlos Peron, Boris Blank and Grauzone, to name just a few – the Swiss DJ and producer Walid reaches new heights with his highly anticipated proto-techno project “Child of the Waves“.

These 7 unreleased tracks could be the soundtrack of a B-movie thriller from the 80s. The compositions are full of imagery, using cinematic samples tp stimulate the mind’s eye. He makes strong aesthetic moves, choosing to reinforce rather than attenuate the tension and intensity of his themes: the fear of the unknown, of getting lost and of loneliness; a rage for life and hedonism; and above all the darkness of the human psyche.

Mike DMA’: “For me, his music recalls the atmosphere I experienced in Zurich in the 80s, sometimes icy, withdrawn, even hostile, but also in the image of Walid himself: reserved, mysterious yet also generous. It’s all in his music!

Just when you think you are in familiar waters, you listen a little more and realise you very much are not. There’s a je-ne-sais-quoi that makes things different and special in his compositions. They sit at the intersection of many genres and sound incredibly fresh to our ears.

After several well-received releases under his various aliases, many of us in this milieu were impatiently waiting for him to strike again and confirm the potential already revealed in his previous productions. With this new release, this has been achieved! For me, he is undoubtedly one of the best-kept treasures in the Swiss vaults and an artist to be watched very closely in the coming years.


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