Real J. & Glenn Astro – Transmission 7 [Waxtefacts Records]

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Artwork: Zoya Cherkassky Nnadi

Real J is back, but not like you’ve heard him before. His new mini-album will be released on Waxtefacts, a label he runs with his close friends.

Real J approached “The Memory Screen” LP with a distinct frame of reference— distorted sonic memories of his early childhood. The result is a collection of atmospheric cuts with sprinkles of sunshine and expert transitions between heavy drums and haunting industrial flourishes.

The LP features four solo tracks, as well as collaborations with newcomer Kerstone and heavyweight groove maestro Glenn Astro. Each track is unique in terms of groove and mood, but the rich distorted textures and warmth remain throughout. This mini-album is a cohesive work from start to finish. If you only want a small taste before embarking, then A1 – Sweet Anxiety, and B1 – Transmission 7 (in collaboration with Glenn Astro) are the places to start.

Sweet Anxiety (A1) is driven by an 808-style kick-drum and distorted clap. The groove is courtesy of intricate, skippy hi-hat patterns, which constantly develop and grow throughout, while a growling bassline and a spaced-out synth line arrive to provide further depth. The variation means upon every listen there will be new details that emerge.

Transmission 7 (B1) starts steady, with a filtered pad and keys that slowly build throughout. More intricate and seemingly randomized hi-hats keep this one ticking along. Another distorted kick-drum fills out the bottom of the track. Layers of percussive elements provide incredible melody lines in the back-half of the track. This is not a typical Glenn Astro track, nor is it a typical Real J one, for that matter.

Real J’s production has clearly evolved since his last release on Wolf Music back in 2017. This is an extremely unique LP that he clearly poured his all into. We recommend you grab it before it sells out.


Adam P.