PREMIERE : Loz Goddard – Home (Quartet Series)

Loz Goddard - Home

If you haven’t heard of it by now, Quartet Series is a label run by Nachtbraker. It is a series of four releases featuring four different artists per record. Each EP comes with a commissioned storyboard comic on the sleeve, with the story developing as the releases progress. So far, it seems to be a battle between the Good Guys, the producers on the A side versus the Bad Guys on the B side. With two releases down, the story is unfolding and we have a preview of the upcoming third release right here.

Loz Goddard (Soundcloud)joins Team Bad in the third installment of the series with the B1 cut, “Home”. Stepping away from his usual sample-oriented and fairly lighthearted sound, he contributes a hypnotizing, synth-heavy stomper. This groovy number revolves around an arpeggiated acid lead with a soulful vocal that fits perfectly despite the contrast. A secondary arpeggiated synth line whirls and mesmerizes while aggressive snares and machine-like claps propel the groove. Some tension is relieved temporarily with warm chords and a top end string before resuming to deliver the punishment on the Good Guys.

Don’t forget to pre-order the third installment in the series to find out how it unfolds here:

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