Goddard – Where You Gone? [Fina Records]

On his newest EP, “We Should Chill on the Windowsill More,” Manchester-based producer Goddard refines his palette of Ambient, Downtempo, and Electro-Jazz, genres which he regularly showcases on his monthly Reform Radio Show, Downtown Groove Sessions. The result is an EP that, in its restless experimentation and attention to detail, recalls such pioneers of these sub-genres as Boards of Canada, Aphex Twin, and Squarepusher.

After opening A-side track, “Far from Home”, starts things off on a stripped-back, understated note, “Where You Gone” comes in on a harder, more driving tempo. The opening kick drums are something out of a hardcore Drum’n’Bass tune, but soon, swelling pads and orchestral keys arrive to relieve the heaviness. The track masterfully toes the line between outright propulsive House and lush, textured Ambient. As it reaches halfway, the chopped vocal sample, clattering hi-hats, and gorgeous ambient flourishes, suddenly morph into a synth-heavy jam-out, with multiple, subtle drops. As the track grows looser and more sparse towards the conclusion until all that is left is the lead piano melody, it feels as if Goddard wants us to look back and to take in this panorama of Downtempo Ambient-House majesty which we have just journeyed through. 

Releasing on London-based label, FINA Records, this is Goddard’s calling card as a meticulous craftsman of dreamy, laid-back, emotionally-resonant experimental House. Showcasing himself as an artist who is building upon his idols to create his own signature style, here, he provides his listeners a warm, adventurous environment to get lost in.