PREMIERE : DJ OK & Rasputin – Aquazoo [Banoffee Pies]

Banoffee pies - 004

Bristol’s Banoffee Pies Records ( soundcloud ) has gone from strength to strength since it’s inception in 2013. With over 40 artists contributing music to their impressive back catalogue, it is a testament to their a&r skills that every release has offered something fresh and a little left of centre whilst keeping standards sky high. Not a label that churns out club track after club track. If you want something a little deeper and are willing to open your mind and ears then Banoffee Pies is definitely one to research and take time to appreciate the journey they have made to get to this point.

Following on from the triumph that was The Ishmael Ensemble’s debut LP ,this latest offering is a 4 tracker featuring music by some new and familiar faces to fans of the label. Label regular NY*AK teams up with UK don Ian Blevins with Watson & Hysteric also turning in cuts.

We are premiering the A2 track by DJ OK  & Rasputin entitled ‘Aquazoo’

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What hits you instantly about this track is it’s spaciousness and distinctly ethereal vibe. This is not a straight up 4/4 house cut, but do not let that put you off. It is a great track with big snares, big reverberating kick drums, wobbling synth chords, glassy arpeggios and sublime counter melodies. Howard Jones would be proud of the percussion, namely those bongos and cowbells! This is awash with bright and playful synth lines, layers upon layers of classic preset sounds reminiscent of the Fairlights and Yamaha DX7s that defined a decade, a genre and a movement.

I hate clichés but this would fit perfectly in the soundtrack to a cult 80’s film; a track with depth and emotion. DJ OK & Rasputin have nailed this one and while I will admit I am not familiar with their previous work, I look forward to hearing more from them in the near future.

Due to hit stores 24th Feb as a limited hand stamped 12″, standard Banoffee Pies bizniz!
Pre-order on  JunoBandcamp and all stores.