Banoffee Pies Records continues its Sonder Series ambient sub-label with ‘Fantasy Modulation’ by Manchester’s Sarah Bates.

sarah bates - fantasy modulation

Banoffee Pies Records :

’Sarah Bates first came to my attention at Gottwood festival earlier this year as part of the Ruf Kutz MCR crew. She created a stunning sonic performance of ambient and ethereal soundscapes in a live hardware set through a mysterious veil leaving a stunned audience in awe of her music. All instrumentation is composed live, and holds true to its natural and organic form with a clouded resolution and sometimes clunky analog chill that resonates down your spine. All tracks are to be enjoyed in their entirety.’’

We’re pleased to share with you the title-cut ‘Fantasy Modulation’. This track embraces a similarly dreamlike aesthetic via an amalgamation of modulating delayed synth bleeps, airy textures and resonant flutters. The rest of the release consist with a 6 tracks including: ‘For You’ leads the package with hazy pads, plucked synths and steel like chimes creating an ethereal opener. ‘Quantum Communication’ then leans into downtempo territory with the introduction of a low slung drum groove, jazz-tinged bass lying underneath Bate’s signature haunting melodies. ‘Melting’ is up next, an apt for the track which slowly unfolds with subtle nuance across eight minutes. ‘Trying To Be Good’ then lays focus on elongated bass tones, funk- infused synth licks and muted percussion before ‘Caravan Girls’ completes the package on a more psychedelic tip, fusing frenzied synth warbles with drawn out delays and cavernous reverberations.

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