Speedboat – Stretch [Dansu Discs]

Dansu Discs is an exciting label for all the right reasons, now awaiting their 13th release founders Nick and Max are a credit to how far the label has came in their 2 short years. They now find themselves able to attract heavy hitting artists such as X-Coast, XXXY and Anthony Fade onto the label, all the while keen to showcase emerging talent as evident in their always eagerly anticipated VA releases. DSD013 is fast approaching and one that is close to the heart for a lot of people, delivering a very important message. ‘Dansu for Mental Health Foundation’ features 7 tracks from 7 different artists across various emotions and vibes with proceeds going to the Mental Health Foundation. 

Mental Health is such an important issue that we all need to speak about, especially in the electronic music industry. The Mental Health Foundation is a fantastic organisation of over 70 years, supporting and helping people through tough times. Trying to push their mission of helping people thrive through understanding, protecting and sustaining their mental health. We have the honour today to premiere to you one track helping toward this great cause. 
Speedboat’s dreamy ‘Stretch In’ is a utter class. Starting out with fast paced percussion, element by element the track slowly evolves into an electronic paradise. Delicate keys wrap themselves around a smooth, slick bassline with echoes of crashing drums also all around you giving the track such great width and swing. Support some outstanding music for an even better cause and get your copy of DSD013. Donate here.


Adam R.