WARNING: This review may be completely and utterly biased as I am a huge fan of this record label.

Fan.tas.tic. It’s time for the Bristol platform managed by Ell (aka Dj Autumn) to bless us with their 9th release on their original series. This delicious delight entitled, ‘Trust Issues BP009’, is a 4 track EP comprised of the finest experimental, zaney, ravey, trippy electronic non-specific, can-not-be-labeled sounds.

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Born out the wonderful city of Bristol in 2013, Banoffee Pies records have been delivering some of the best electronic house music you can get your hands on, showcasing hits from the likes of Ishmael Ensemble, Hysteric, Liem, Gallagos, Jeen Bassa and more. This label is well worth checking out if you like surprises, musical excursions (without actually leaving the gaff), dope artwork, special nights out and fresh merch.

Today we premiere the A1 ‘Plush Egg’ is trancey, glitchy goodness. The energy of the track is lively and undying, boisterous yet mystery inducing! Produced by Vancouver dyad Plush Management Inc. (regularfantasy x with their heavy subs and undulating hi-hats, distorted twits and twoos. The vibe is timely laser beams shooting, high energy and a super-satisfying cathodic abstraction in the dance space of your choice.

Order yours here. It comes out May 3rd!