Pegasvs- Closer To The Sun (Laroye Remix) [Burnin Music]

BM006 pegasvs

British-by-way-of-Marseille DJ Thomas Lesnier’s recent outing under his moniker, Pegasvs, and second release under his newly minted London-based label, Burnin’ Music Recordings, is a step in a new, exciting direction for this multifaceted producer. Straying from the hard-hitting, dubby House gems of his previous work, “Closer to the Sun (Laroye Remix)” comes as a gauzy, lush, soulful banger that is outfitted to soundtrack the onset of  simmering summer days and poolside reveries. 

Pegasvs’ inspiration for the track stems from his world travels, as well as time spent in his native Marseille, a city on the port of Southern France, well known for its warm Mediterranean climate and stunning oceanic vistas. This eclectic, panoramic frame of mind informs the many layers of this track, borrowing as much from West Coast Funk and Jazz Fusion as it does Deep House. This much is clear from the outset of the track, as shuffling, ticking percussion kicks in, while meditative synths begins to shimmer with soft keys floating atop. Laroye steady kick-drum pattern then anchors the track before it sails away completely. Before long, those squeaky, G-Funk synths reach a crescendo as the backing vocals, led by Brighton’s Abi Flynn, harmonize the song’s central refrain. The track’s multiple breaks give it a chance to breath and emphasize some gorgeous and unusual, yet completely fitting, instrumental flourishes– the most prominent one being Ben Hawden’s majestic flute solo, which lends the track an ethereal, jazzy undertone.

“Closer to the Sun” sees Pegasvs opting for a more languorous, easy-going sound, but one that is no less ornate and emotionally potent. The songs speaks to the artist’s communal ethos, trading in the high-octane, hypnotic House-Tech that he has built himself a name for, and basking in a more melodious, sunflecked style that radiates with pure joy. 


Gilad. L