Hotevilla – Until Dawn [Burnin’ Music Records]

burnin music
Born in Marseille, but based out of London, Pegasvs is an artist many in the underground have gotten to know well over the years. We ourselves have routinely collaborated with the multifaceted producer – either imploring him to expertly craft mixes for our listeners or partnering with him to promote his own tracks and music.

During the time we’ve known Pegasvs, the French maestro has gone onto establish his imprint Burnin’ Music Records as a dependable and timely fixture that has put out releases from artists such as Salomo, Tryezz, and Pegasvs himself.

In their latest outing, the label has chosen to put out a single from little known producer Hotevilla, who also hails from France and occasionally operates under the moniker Kalk. Titled Until Dawn, this original kicks things off with an undeniably catchy, looped vocal that sustains itself throughout the piece – giving it an uplifting, almost anthemic feel from start to finish. Hoteville then mimics the likes of other artists such as Moon Boots, by layering on top a space-aged assortment of playful synths, funky bass and airy strings that transform Until Dawn into quite the luxurious affair fit for any rooftop soiree.

Until Dawn is set to hit stores on September 17th. Make sure to pre-order your copy here.