Pegasvs Feat. Matt Grenz, James King – Oscillations (Live Mix) [Burnin Music]

Oscillations artwork

Pegasvs, the moniker by which London-based DJ, Thomas Lesnier, currently operates under, returns with his first track of 2021, “Oscillations (Live Mix)”. This track marks his first since his 2020 Tropical House cut, “Closer to the Sun”, which saw the producer straying from rugged Tech-House for a much sunnier and laid-back sound. 

With “Oscillations”, Lesnier doubles down on this new sonic direction, delivering an epic slow-jam jazz cut with live saxophone and guitar (courtesy of Matt Grenz and James King, respectively). The track feels like a warm, gentle summer breeze, wafting up and immediately putting you in a serene headspace. The track opens with bubbly synths and clinking percussion sticks, which are soon met with a more typical hi-hat pattern and bass-line that subtly builds in tension, culminating in Grenz’s stunning sax solo. The track seems to add on new elements as if it were cruising down a beach-road during sunset and picking up an assortment of hitchhiking friends. There’s an almost symbiotic, utopian feeling that emerges as the track goes on–– nothing feels forced, nor out of place; everything just gels. 

Considering the year we have all had, this track arrives as a balm for our weary spirits. It offers a taste of what we need after a year of crisis and rampant anxiety. The track embodies a kind of back-and-forth, an “oscillation”, if you will, over how music can respond and provide solace to us in times of great distress.