Pletnev – When job is done [Burnin Music]

KMA60 and Burnin Music are excited to present a new offering by Pletnev (formerly Ponty Mython). Kicking off 2023 with a release by Pletnev means a lot to us as it’s the same artist (under a different alias) that we released 5 years ago when we started Burnin Music.

A very colourful array of music on this record. It is a true journey into Pletnev’s ultra cinematic palette of sounds. Pure ’90s ambient acid house / techno / breakbeat vibes. The pace of ‘Wandering Mind, Go F Yourself’, the restrained laid back aspect of ‘Water Can Keep Your Secrets Too’, the trance of ‘The Last True Gentleman On Earth’ and the perfect round up that is ‘When The Job Is Done’ allows this EP to hit all the necessary nostalgia and newbie exposure. An instant classic.


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