Niles Cooper – Strygere & Klaver (Joe Corti Remix) [Kyoku Records]

Denmark’s Niles Cooper is someone who has been increasing his profile over the last couple of years. The “juuc” connoisseur has gained notoriety for some of his edits, reworks and sample-based originals on both Soundcloud and Youtube, so it’s surprising that his first pressed 12” only came to fruition this past May. Since then, a few other records have hit shops in quick succession, stocking shelves with his freshly squeezed offerings that range from pulp-filled stompers to tastefully flavored miksed smoothies. Obviously, it was only a matter of time before Mr. Cooper would grace the pages of Bolting Bits with one of his stellar records – and that day is today!

Shedding a bit of his familiar thumping flare for a more relaxed approach, Niles has decided to team up with Melbourne’s Kyoku Records to pen an EP entitled The Juuc Miks that is as breezy and carefree as their other releases from Ethyene, Dorsi Plantar, Long Island Sound, and Sune. On the record, Niles has chosen to feature 3 brand-new originals and a remix from Bolting Bits favorite Joe Corti!

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We were lucky enough to get our hands on Joe’s remix of “Strygere & Klaver,” and are happy to report that it’s a certified banger! What’s remarkable about the tune is how little it resembles the original. I’ve listened to both versions several times already, and I’m still struggling to find where the two overlap. However, this should not be interpreted as some sort of bad thing. In fact, Joe’s remix provides a great deal of balance to the record as a whole, giving listeners a little taste of the dancefloor in between their courses of Niles’ unwinding, disco soiree. Although palate cleansers are usually not known for their strong tastes, the combination of Joe’s punching house and Niles’ tranquil melodies create a taste that’s enriched to maximum umami!

To get your hands on this remix as well as Niles’ 3 originals, make sure to pre-order your copy hereThe Juuc Miks is set to come out on January 28th!