N.O.T.E. – Obaleyako [Tartelet Records]

n.o.t.e - tartelet records
The long-standing label Tartelet Records out of Copenhagen, Denmark are once again introducing us to some fine talent, something they’ve been known to do quite often over the past 10 years (do the names Max Graef and Wayne Snow ring a bell?). In this case, the producer is not exactly a newcomer but rather a new alias for an established artist. Nelson of the East, or N.O.T.E. for short, is an already acknowledged beat maker coming out under a new light. This mysterious character enjoys jazz piano, fine wine and silk linens, and could be of either Swiss or Italian origin, depending on who’s asking. Perhaps that rings a bell for some of our readers?

[soundcloud url=”https://soundcloud.com/boltingbits/premiere-note-obaleyako” /]

The four track EP entitled “Night Frames” is a polished and diverse work, with jazzy influences aplenty and plenty of percussive grooves to boot. Perfectly soundtracking the forthcoming summer, the warm sounding release has a little bit of something for everyone. From boogie and funk inspired jams to tropical instruments and rhythms, N.O.T.E. has got you covered. Our premiere today, Obaleyako, leans towards the latter with a kalimba forming the backbone of the rhythm and a jazzy picked bass solidifying the groove. Airy pads and a squelchy synth solo come together with some rhodes chords to add a jazzy flavour that works impeccably well in tandem with the afro-latin inspired percussion. Obaleyako is a standout for us and should be soundtracking plenty a summer jam.

The rest of the EP is just as tasty and should be picked up ASAP if you’re a collector, as it’s strictly limited to 250 copies and out June 7th. Don’t worry, a digital download is also available and includes a Glenn Astro remix. Pre-order yours here.