Munir – Interlinked [Darker Than Wax]

munir - darker than wax
Since its emergence in America in the late 70’s, disco has made a lasting impression on people that transcends both cultural and geographic borders. Indonesia’s Munir is a shining example of that very statement. The Bandung-based DJ and producer has been at the forefront of Midnight Runners, a creative collective that has been releasing obscure house and disco music since 2012. More importantly, Munir and the Midnight Runners collective have been preserving the cultural identity of what he calls Nusantara disco – funk, boogie, soul and disco from Indonesian and Malay musicians of the 70’s and 80’s.

Munir’s passion for Nusantara disco can be easily identified in his productions, making for upbeat, contemporary house and disco without compromising his love for the human touch of vintage sounds. Munir’s latest release lands him back on Singapore’s Darker Than Wax record label.

Circuit Line is a 4-track EP of pure vintage influenced bliss. Interlinked, the final track of the EP, takes it a step further with an almost hypnotic-feel that is crafted through subdued vocals, squelchy synth blips, and warping pads. A driving, yet simple bassline pumps throughout the track in what would surely make the dancefloor move. Munir does an excellent job at nestling each element of the track in its respective place, creating a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience.

Munir’s Circuit Line EP is out October 23, 2020 on Darker Than Wax.