Dexter Colt – AM To PM [Darker Than Wax]

Hitting the sweet spot between dynamic workout and tranquil bliss, Dexter Colt‘s debut EP has a timeless quality to it. Spanning five club cuts that nod to ’90s tech-house, Detroit-style techno and classic house, each one coated in a lustrous and futuristic glaze, Train of Thought celebrates the Singapore-based producer’s rich understanding of dance music.

Crafted with an array of synthesisers, the record boasts luxuriously soft pads, deep melodies–portals to self-reflection or escapism–and rolling drums that keep listeners locked in a hypnotic groove. The slow-burning “AM To PM” sets the mood with minimal yet deliciously heady notes that Indonesian boogie master Munir later transforms into a funky, electro-influenced number. “U Feel Me” builds dancefloor pressure through crisp claps and a rhythmic, undulating bassline that doesn’t quit. “Spiralling” is a Fatima Yamaha-style seducer with acidic squiggles that lend the track a psychedelic touch. Punchy drums and chopped vocals steal the show on “Off The Brons,” an easy floor filler that showcases the power of a simple arrangement. Finally, “Front Shuv” offers seven minutes of blissful house music with a mystical flute sample that tugs at the heartstrings.

Equally kinetic as it is meditative, Train of Thought journeys across hard-hitting and silky styles of club music. Made for the mind, body and soul, it guarantees to deliver through all hours of the night.

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