Dampe – Pash [Fina Records]

Next up on Fina is the Sleet EP from Dampé – the solo project of Joe Munday, a producer and DJ from South London. Joe’s foundation in dance music stems from becoming a regular on the floor at parties like FWD>>, Deviation and You’re A Melody. His music brings together those undeniably UK sounds with a bit of worldwide influence and some production flair to create something quite distinct. The four track Sleet EP is no exception and is probably his most immediate, deep and dance floor focused project yet.With a string of releases on Dirt Crew, Darker Than Wax, XVI, WotNot and Faith In Industry as well as a monthly residency on Rinse, Dampé has carved out a space for his sonic brand of introspective, deep UK dance music.

Pash sets pace for the record with a charging 909 pattern, choppy breaks and weighty sub. The ravey but floaty chords that emerge from the breakdown propel things forward, spilling over the beat. You can almost feel the heat from a summer day party on your face.

Stave Hill is a chugging rhodes groove where flashes of machine funk, raw disco energy and a garage vocal sample dance around each other. The River employs the keyboard skills of Narotam Horn shredding over a lush latin, bruk inspired rhythm. Sleet closes the record with some rolling house pieced together from tape samples, acid baselines and a growling Vermona DDR.


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