Metropolitan Soul Museum – The Mutha Of All Landings [Trunkfunk Records]

Metropolitan Soul Museum - The Mutha Of All Landings
Berlin-based label Trunkfunk will soon release another record from Metropolitan Soul Museum (soundcloud). We’re pleased to premiere B1 of the record, The Mutha of All Landings – a brooding and rolling track that straddles the boundary between house and techno.The acidy-heavy, four-tracker out of London – titled The Real Fake Moon Landing – has two originals and two remixes, the latter of which coming courtesy of Acid Castello and Louis Guilliaume.Perhaps the most striking part of the B1 track is its glitchy and bouncy percussion, ensuring there’s never a dull rhythmic moment. Throw on top a catchy bass-synth line, some eerie pads and gripping climax, and The Mutha of All Landings becomes very much it’s own unique contribution to the EP.

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From what we’ve heard of Trunkfunk’s stuff, this record will fit in nicely among its discography. The label seems to have a unique taste for house. Common mixtures of retro sounds, progressive-synths and poppy percussion seem to make each new release of theirs unpredictable and refreshing.

The other tracks on this EP are definitely worth a listen, too. Both remixes are creative and very much belong on a Trunkfunk record. Honourable mentions go to the A1 track, A Neu Take Off, which may be the record’s best.