Metropolitan Soul Museum – E State [STEP Recordings]

Metropolitan Soul Museum - E State

2010 is the year and the good boi’s over at Catz ‘n Dogz fathered their new project of PETS Recordings, undoubtable success came their way and the label has seen some huge talent pass through its ranks with the likes of Maceo Plex, KiNK and Axel Boman featuring on the outlet. With the success of that, in 2014, the Polish duo wanted to take things further which then saw PETS Recordings become the father to its own sublabel, STEP Recordings. The idea behind this new project was to focus on groovy house and techno, showcasing music that “isn’t afraid to be rough around the edges” and for five years they’ve done exactly that. Both labels are a credit to Grzegorz Demiañczuk and Wojciech Tarañczuk for the fine effort they have exerted into these adventures for nearly a decade. 

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The 20th step is firmly in position and ready to sprint into our ears and hearts, Metropolitan Soul Museum (MSM) is the two men running the race with their outstanding 6-track EP entitled Travellers. In more than a metaphorical sense, the whole release is a journey with signature MSM style and finesse. Today we are delighted to premier you the first track of the outstanding B side, E State. As for much of the EP, E State starts with the warmest of pad’s twinkling and winding around a broken beat. Each sound brings with it a unique emotion and perfectly complements the others around it, with some addictive 808 drum work binding together the whole track. 

Another extremely impressive release from Metropolitan Soul Museum and STEP Recordings, one we tip to be a firm favourite in the house community. Don’t sleep on this release 

Adam R.