Metropolitan Soul Museum – Aurorae (Ben Gomori’s Fully Charged Remix) [Monologue Records]

Releasing on labels like Toy Tonics, STEP Recordings, Beats Of No Nation and Trunkfunk, Metropolitan Soul Museum are comprised of Nick Woolfson — one half of the duo formerly known as Mock & Toof who were a staple of DFA Records — and his Teng Records label co-owner, Filippo Rocco . Their dreamy, synthy sounds have won fans far and wide, and they arrive on Monologues Records with three new Balearic-tinged house tracks that are set to win more hearts and ears across the world.

‘Aurorae’ is a spacious, chugging synth odyssey filled with hazy sounds and soaring leads, with a remix from label boss Ben Gomori adding some afro rhythms and rolling Ron Trent-inspired energy. ‘Happy Valleys’ invokes blissful dreamhouse, while ‘Late-Night Jazz Bar (Smoke & Mirrors)’ is an exceptionally beautiful slice of introspective deeper-than-deep contemplation.