Mathew Ferness – Solitude [FINA Records]

Let’s start our week with a soulful and warm opener. The Canadian producer Mathew Ferness presents us with his new EP ‘Seasonal Companion’, releasing on the UK Label ‘FINA Records‘. The EP is full of rich house music that is for mind, body, and soul. Ferness’ production is rooted in his small-town life, where he felt like an outcast as the only person who had a tendency toward electronic music, a place with no scene, parties or shops at all. The first productions were made with a sampler and a simple drum machine. Beyond that the passionate producer started DJing in his teens as well.

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Now Ferness presents his new EP, which gives us a soulful view through his acoustical exploration history. The last EP, ‘Internet/ Dreams/Deception’ on the Parisian label  ‘Beat X Changers‘, was esteemed by Rhythm Section International and Radio 1 tastemaker Bradley Zero, which made us quite a bit more curious for the new release. A soulful deep house jam with an easy guitar sampler on punchy drums, and an almost summery atmosphere on ‘Escapade’ warms up the ‘Seasonal Companion’ EP. ‘Solitude’ is a more laid back tune, with a pensive piano play on deep rolling drums,  the mindful synths in the back getting more vivid on ‘At First Sight’, waking us up to perfectly rough-edged drums. The Finnish producer ‘Saine’ is Remixing the broad synths of ‘At First Sight’, with his hazy hip-hop and dusty house impact, turning it into a pure deep house groover. We can highly recommend this EP to gain an instant summer breeze and heat up your soul, don’t hesitate to grab your copy here!