Madcat – Gato Loco [Frappé Records]

Frappé is a Parisian-based label founded in 2019, passionate about electronic music and its French ways, inhabited by the energy of the dancefloor and motivated by the desire to produce artists with a rare sense of groove and a signature sound. Basile (aka Basile de Suresnes) and Bruno (aka Ten Fingerz) initiated the project, the 2 DJs and producers previously founded former Parisian crew Paris Bouillant, with which they organized music electronic events in Paris over the last 4 years in venues like Java, Badaboum, Alimentation Générale, Panic Room.

Influenced by the music produced during the FrenchTouch years of the 90s and 00s and by artists like Bangalter, Crydamour or Cassius, the label aim is to showcase varied productions which will have in common the powerful and original sound that is so typical of the « French Touch ». The label finds its inspiration in the earlier productions but claims to be grounded in today’s trends, as this style of House music proves to be more and more attractive these days. « FÊTE EN L’AIR », the first EP to be released at the end of May, is the project’s first

Strongly influenced by the club culture and the FrenchTouch sound, Frappé are aiming to showcase a powerful and dancefloor-oriented style of House music. This first EP is inspired by earlier productions adding in the mix today’s codes and references. Listening to the EP, one can hear samples and Lo-Fi works as well as the sound of mythical machines like the TR909 and TB303. For this first release, Frappé have been eager to put the spotlight on artists they strongly believe in, who are rising talents of the French House music scene : Madcat, and Deborah Aime La Bagarre. The artists and founding members Basile de Suresnes and Ten Fingerz complete the roster.