Hurlee – Piano Haven [GLBDOM]

GBLROOM hurlee
‘Hurlee’ returns to GLBDOM, following on from his deep, jazzy ‘Saxxx01’ which you will have heard on the ‘3 Years Of GLBDOM’ compilation. With an already heavy discography, this release is most definitely In keeping with his infectious and uplifting production style.

This time the seasoned Mallorca-based producer returns with ‘About Her EP’ a time warp portal straight back to the 90’s New York house scene, Paradise Garage, Zanzibar et al. Hurlee’s influences are clear to see here once again. Classic drum machines and luscious synths such as the infamous Juno 106 and Korg M1 all make an appearance on this EP.

The drums on ‘Piano Haven’ have that classic drum machine vibe; the heavily swung percussive elements keep the rhythm interesting and give it that authentic late 90’s house feel. As suggested by the track title, ‘Piano Haven’ is built around an upbeat revolving piano hook that dips in and out in different forms, packing some serious soulful energy when it peaks, making this record work so well on a busy, vibrant dance floor.

With summer on the way, it’s house season, and this EP will be smashing dance floors and parties worldwide!

Myles H.