Simon Shaw – Meth [We R House]

Simon Shaw - methCinthie’s we_r house welcomes UK artist Simon Shaw onto its roster with a four- track EP for the labels ninth release.

Southern England’s Simon Shaw has been building a steady production career over the past few years after cutting his teeth as a DJ and promoter over the past decade, recent times have seen him release material on DJ Steaw’s House Puff and his own Sense Traxx amongst others. Here though he joins we_r_house, following releases from Carlo Gambino and Sam Haskin this year.

‘Crystal’ takes the A1 slot, fusing hazy dubbed out chords, square wave bass stabs and swirling synths with a sturdy rhythmic foundation and an amalgamation of spoken word vocals. ‘Meth’ follows next, laying focus on heavily swung, dynamic drums an organ like melodic hook and sweeping delays throughout.

First up on the flip is ‘Late Night In Milan’, stripping things back to skippy percussion and bumpy sub hits at it’s core while sequences of airy deep house chords and bright strings ebb and flow within. ‘It’s Not The Way’ then completes the EP, retaining a similar aesthetic via snaking low-end hits, shuffled drums and ethereal synth textures while stirring in a heady resonant swell and chanting vocals to keep things moving.