Linkwood & Other Lands – Don’t Throw It [Athens of the North]

Athens of the North (AOTN) is a label headed by Euan Fryer, a Scottish music aficionado born and raised in Edinburgh. In fact, the name for his label is based on the nickname of his hometown – a city recognized as having a reputation for learning and recalling lost knowledge from the ancient Greeks.This is an apt name for his imprint since, much like the Scottish of the late 1700s, Euan has been on a mission to honor works of the past. Founded in 2014, AOTN has acquired the rights for vintage soul, funk and disco tracks, and re-issued them to the masses – helping curators draw inspiration from music’s not-to-distant golden age.

However, AOTN is simply not just a home for re-issues. The revenue they generate from these releases fund new projects from today’s crop of talented artists and musicians. Not a label to chase the latest trends, AOTN prioritizes quality and relies on the timelessness of past melodies to set themselves apart.

Having come out with Andrew Wasylyk’s 60’s inspired jazz LP Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation earlier this year, AOTN returns with a brand new record titled Face the Facts. This is a collaborative piece that sees the likes of Linkwood and Other Lands joining forces for the first time. Given both producers’ propensity to abide by no particular genre, this was honestly a match made in heaven. Using modular synths as their foundation, Linkwood and Other Lands traverse a myriad of soundscapes that dabble in almost everything – from  80s post-punk to modern dream-pop and down to funk-tinged Balearic disco and more.

Our favorite tune from the 13-track LP is their song “Don’t Throw It,” which combines Linkwood’s expertise on the keys and deep sense of rhythm with Other Lands’ hazy vocals and wishful songwriting. This makes for a supremely laidback experience that’s akin to watching waves roll onto shore. Although its individual elements are dynamic and even vibrant at times, when grouped together, they flatten each other out in the end – creating a mood that you’ll happily allow to wash over you.

Face the Facts is set to hit on November 20th. Pre-order your copy here! This is one you’re gonna want to show your friends!