Andrew Wasylyk – Awoke In The Early Days of a Better World [Athens of the North]

Andrew Wasylyk - Awoke In The Early Days of a Better World
Out on Edinburgh’s notorious Athens of the North, comes ‘Fugitive Light and Themes of Consolation’, the latest album from Scottish writer, producer and multi-instrumentalist, Andrew Mitchell aka Andrew Wasylyk. AOTN is a label dedicated to releasing fresh rare soulful music from all over the globe. Working with artists from Scotland to the Bahamas, the label is committed to serving listeners with quality music only!  

Today’s premiere track, “Awoke In The Early Days of a Better World” is no exception. A jazz-inspired, laid back number, laced with familiar relaxing melodies that bring a undeniable feeling of calm and hope. ‘Fugitive light and Themes of Consolation’ is the third part of a trio of releases from the Scotsman. It follows the spectacular ‘The Paralian’, a record gaining much recognition and praise from listeners last year, making it a shortlister for the Scottish Album of the Year 2019. 

This release feels well-timed with the closing of summer, a perfect time as his balmy tones provide the ideal companionship for the last warm summer days. Synthesia plays a distinct role throughout, with pastel oranges appearing through with softened textures.   

Warm clarinet sounds and the classy clarsach harp provide a quilted nostalgic warmth in a track that does not feel wholly optimistic despite its name. Remnants of sadness can be felt and it’s a necessary lowness which allows the track to rise triumphantly – Knowing sadness in order to know true happiness. 

The shimmer of hope that in this world things can get better, is apparent throughout. The echoing wooden knocks take us to a simple place, to a beginning, there’s a distinct feeling of newness and fresh possibility. 

The silky smooth bassline gives the track an essence of 60s coolness and as the track builds we can feel the textures in the room in which the composer is waking. There are moments of reflection, akin to looking into a mirror gaining acceptance of your past and present, allowing yourself to welcome the unknown of the future.

This sound is the subtle comfort wrapped around us, where we lay safely in the knowledge that spaces and emptiness can always be filled by love and light. There is solace in surviving hardships. Gaining the courage to understand the role of loss in life but believing there is always light. This track is being grateful for awakening if nothing else.