José Manuel – Bangalore [Clandestino]

Joe Morris, Nick Smith and Iain Mac are Clandestino, a successful trio of party throwers based out of Leeds. They’ve been around the block a few times and have been involved in their local underground scene for almost two decades. This longstanding venture has garnered them some international attention and even resulted in quite a few international gigs as Clandestino. Their tastes are an amalgam of exotically influenced sounds from around the globe, easily heard on their extremely popular monthly show on KMAH Radio. As is often the case, they’ve also naturally developed into a record label, curating their own brand of idiosyncratic dance music.Clandestino’s fifth release comes from José Manuel (soundcloud), the Berlin-based Italian known for his percussion-heavy sound and tribal leanings. The “Human Behaviour” EP comes with two originals and two remixes, as well as a digital-only bonus track. The title track is a 9 minute journey that’s slower in tempo with atmospheric keys and flutes playing over top of a jagged bassline. Clandestino remix Human Behaviour to turn it into a more uptempo, afro-leaning cut, injecting it with some tropical keys and a bit of an acid-y 303 bass.[soundcloud url=”” /]Our premiere today is entitled Bangalore. Starting off with an immediate ear-catching, eastern guitar and bass combo, we know we’re in for a ride. Trippy vocal chants come in as the drums and afro-latin percussion continue to work up to a full fledged groove. This percussive tune never loses its direction as different elements are introduced and taken out in the arrangement but the combination between the percussion, guitar and especially the quirky vocals turn it into a late night jam.

The final tracks on the EP are the Mushrooms Project remix of Bangalore, which turns it into more of a deep sundown, seaside extravaganza, and the digital bonus, Aisha, a tripped out cut full of djembes, Middle-Eastern and Indian instrumentation. Be sure to pre-order your copy as it’s due out next week!