Zamal – Vague [Freeride Millenium]

Freeride Millenium are an Austrian-German label co-founded by producers Jorkes and Daniel Rajcsanyi. Founded in 2016, the duo launched their imprint with a remix EP by Jorkes titled “La Porc De La Discoteque” – which hilariously translates into “The Pork of the Disco.” As you can tell from the title, this lot does not take themselves too seriously. Browsing their Instagram and socials, you will see a fantastic array of photos of scantily clad men in various forms of underwear balanced out with the cutest collection of dog photos (because why the hell not?).

However, one would be wrong to assume that Jorkes and Daniel do not take anything seriously at all. At the heart of everything they do is a genuine affinity and appreciation of club culture as a whole. From political movements to gender identification and sexual liberation to amplifying multiculturalism, Freeride understand that many societal changes wouldn’t be where they are today without the influential conversations carried out on dancefloors around the globe. This is precisely why during the lockdown, they took it upon themselves to curate a discussion and compilation series called IMPACT at the WAF Galerie in Vienna. Freeride Millenium want to ensure that club culture is protected and will always have a seat at the table in promoting social progress in a post-coronavirus world.

Having just released records from the likes of NIKKNAME, Birds, TOTCIV, and Jorkes himself this year, Freeride are now gearing up for the debut of Stuttgart artist Zamal! Titled “Vague,” this EP consists of three originals and two remixes from the likes of Raphael Schön and Peter Invasion & Gregor Habicht. Self-described as a “military brat” and son of a US Airman, Zamal’s nonconventional upbringing and love of underground electronic sounds has developed his own particular take on techno.

Fortunately, we have the title track to premiere today, and after one listen, it sounds as if Freeride are saving the best for last in 2022. Timing out at more than 7 minutes, “Vauge” is a spacey, fast-paced, thumper that’s characterized by spurts of frenetic percussion and soothing chords. This gives listeners a haunting yet warm invitation to start dancing as they try to keep pace as their feet begin stomping to the shamanic bass. For those who like their techno with a bit more soul and melody, Zamal’s interpretation of the genre will be right up your alley!

The digital release is set to hit stores at the start of December! Make sure to pre-order your copy below!