JKriv – Aguaxirê [Rocksteady Disco]

Hailing from Brooklyn, JKriv (real name: Jason Kriveloff) is a producer, DJ, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, co-label head of Razor-N-Tape Records, and co-producer/guitarist of live disco band Escort. Throughout his illustrious musical career which spans nearly 20 years, his tracks have garnered plays from superstar DJ’s such as Disclosure, Derrick Carter, and Pete Tong. As a DJ himself, he’s shared bills with the likes of Todd Terje, Session Victim, and Dimitri from Paris just to name a few. JKriv’s experience playing in bands translates over to his solo work, as he takes an organic approach to production, playing analog instruments (guitar, bass, keyboards, synth) on many of his releases. His catalog is extensive and showcases his seemingly effortless knack for blending modern and vintage club-oriented sounds.

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His latest release is “Aguaxirê”, the title track of his upcoming three-track EP of the same name coming out on Rocksteady Disco on May 17th. Kriv utilizes an array of synthesizers and samplers on “Aguaxirê” to lay out the melodies, Afro-Brazilian rhythms and vocal samples heard throughout the 9-minute track. He enlists professional trumpeter, and fellow Escort band-mate Nathan Warner to deliver the lush trumpet section of his brilliant horn arrangement. JKriv could not have chosen a better label than Rocksteady Disco to release his EP. Rocksteady Disco is a Detroit-based boutique record label and party series founded in 2014 by Peter Croce. The label has steadily released Disco, House, and Techno cuts tinged with African and Brazilian influences over the last five years. Rocksteady Disco states that it aims to take its listeners on a “life-affirming journey that engages the heart, body and mind” and its latest release “Aguaxirê” does exactly that.

The track opens with the moody chords that underlie its entirety. Then comes the vocal sample, which JKriv selects and blends in exquisitely. It features a call and response style vocal in a foreign language which sounds like an African dialect. It matches the vibe of his emotionally striking instrumental almost too well. The exotic rhythms are the backbone of the song, constantly driving it forward, but when the acid bassline comes in at around the halfway point, “Aguaxirê” really starts to take flight. Six minutes into the song, Warner’s live trumpeting comes in and the track soars. It’s an epic climax that JKriv built up to gradually and masterfully. Expect to hear “Aguaxirê” out more than once this summer. Pre-order your copy here!